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Research Papers

Responses of elite road motorcyclists to racing in tropical conditions »
Brearley M, Norton I, Kingsbury D, Maas S. International Journal of Sports Physiology Jan 10, [epub ahead of print], 2014

Physiological responses of medical team members to a simulated emergency in tropical field conditions » 
Brearley M, Heaney M, Norton I. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 8(2):1-6, 2013

Systolic peak detection in acceleration photoplethysmograms measured from emergency responders in tropical conditions »
Elgendi M, Norton I, Brearley M, Abbott D, Schuurmans D. PLoS One 22 8(10): e76585, 201

Crushed ice ingestion - a practical strategy for lowering core temperature »
Brearley M. Journal of Military and Veterans Health 20(2):25-30, 2012