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National Critical Care and Trauma Response centre


The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre is a key element of the Australian Government's disaster and emergency medical response to incidents of national and international significance.

Established as a result of the 2002 Bali Bombings, the NCCTRC is strategically positioned to ensure Australia has the best readily deployable medical workforce to rapidly respond to sudden health emergencies both onshore across Australia, and offshore throughout South East Asia.

The NCCTRC provides clinical and academic leadership in trauma and critical care. It builds capacity and capability through strategic partnerships, education and training, research and establishing new clinical standards that drive excellence locally, nationally and internationally.

The NCCTRC prepares Australian clinicians for deployment and local emergencies, through its unique education and training programs, training over 700 doctors, nurses and health logisticians to a national standard as medical disaster responders.

As well as ensuring Australia has the best readily deployable medical workforce, the NCCTRC also maintains a fully equipped rapidly deployable field hospital that has an inpatient facility, operating tables, full resuscitation and an outpatient capability.

Within the Northern Territory, the NCCTRC invests in building the trauma, critical care and surge capacity of the Royal Darwin Hospital to ensure it is prepared and equipped to respond to sudden onset disasters in the region, and it works closely with Northern Territory emergency management stakeholders to support a Territory wide health emergency response.
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diSaSter management

The NCCTRC provides a rapid response capability for deployment of highly trained medical teams...

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our research

We are developing a reputation for disaster research that is operationally relevant and applicable...

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Training and education are key priorities for the NCCTRC with significant investment to ensure trauma and disaster training...

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medical director position

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The Medical Director is a new position that will provide relevant medical expertise in leading NCCTRC’s mission to innovate…

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